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  • Bees and the food that feeds them.


Tired of losing bees to winter cold snaps? Wrapping wooden hive boxes with insulation? Bees stressed by weather extremes? Anel insulated hives seal tight and have an R6 insulation factor the same as a natural tree hollow. The bottom board, hives boxes, and top cover clamp together to make moving colonies a snap. No more strapping wooden boxes together with a rusty tie-down ratchet. Best of all, the honey supers, feeders, queen excluders, and frames will integrate so all you need to purchase is the basic hive box. A propolis trap replaces the inner cover so you have a new product to market. Half or full entrance pollen traps are also available.

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2022 was another great year for us. We are now unfortunately sold out of honey. 2023 flows should start around July 1. See you then.