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  • Bees and the food that feeds them.

Brad, Owner and Beekeeper, Country Road Bees

We sell pure raw honey. The raw is important.

As bees collect nectar, they also collect pollen which provides food for young bees and the Queen. Curing is the process bees use to make honey from the nectar, during which they remove water and add enzymes. Commercial big box honey producers often use high heat and filtration to extend shelf life, but that removes the pollen and destroys the enzymes. Our RAW honey is never heated above 90 degrees or fine filtered, so the health benefits remain in the honey you consume.

Honey Bottle Sizes

This is truly local, small-batch honey.

Honey flavor, color, and aroma are set by the type of nectar collected. These differences are captured at Country Road Bees by harvesting small batches throughout the year, from each of the different apiary locations. Now sold out of 2022 honey, look for honey descriptions as the 2023 harvest begins in July!

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Raw Local Honeys

Honey varieties are based on location and season. Please select an apiary for a description or go to the Honey Page.

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Honey Harvest Calendar

Country Road Bees takes pride in producing exceptional raw varietal and small-batch honeys delivered from our fields and woodlands to your table. We understand the importance of transparency as part of earning your trust in our quality promise. The calendar will be updated with each harvest date, location, points of sale, honey tastings, and other events. For now, the dates in gold are an estimate of when the season will begin. We encourage you to check the calendar as the harvest approaches or contact us directly. Thank you for supporting our small, local, family-run honey farm!

Honey Farm Events



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March 2023

Latest Updates


2022 was another great year for us. We are now unfortunately sold out of honey. 2023 flows should start around July 1. See you then.