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Queen's Reserve

Queen's Reserve

Honey, extracted together with pollen and royal jelly from the brood nest, is truly a unique blend. It contains nectar and pollen collected from spring to late fall and because it is used to raise brood, is the most nutritionally rich honey of the season, disproportionally high in protein, pollen and royal jelly compared to honey from honey supers.  It is also the rarest honey, with a good season yielding 10 lbs (about 1 gallon) from only the healthiest hives.  

On a good year, there may be 10 hives with surplus stores of honey.  Depending on nectar source, the honey may crystallize in the comb.  Gentle heating to 100 F restores extractability without harming flavor, pollen, or enzymes.  Stay tuned for a description of 2022 Queen's Reserve harvested sometime late Summer.

Package SizeAvailabilityPricing
32 oz glassSept/Oct 2022$28.00
16 oz glassSept/Oct 2022$14.00
10 oz squeezeSept/Oct 2022$10.00

Queen's Reserve

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Thank you for a fabulous 2022 Asparagus season! The field is now at rest untill 2023.