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Homestead Apiary Raw Honey

Homestead Apiary Raw Honey

This apiary is located at our homestead on County Road Y near Morse Bluff, Nebraska.

The drought really changed the flower varieties available to the bees this year.  Floral notes from the yellow and white sweet clover, but this year more native drought resistant flowers and "weeds" which contributed a hint of cinnamon to the finish.  

2021 Summer Flush raw honey was rich and creamy, very sweet, with a luxurious mouth feel due to a lusciously low moisture content of 15%.  This year is starting very dry which may limit spring flow to only supporting the colonies as they build strength.  The Summer Flush harvest is expected late July to early August.  Stay Tuned!

Homestead Honey Prices:

32 oz GlassSold Out$23.00
16 oz GlassSold Out$12.00
16 oz Chunk HoneySold Out$15.00
 8 oz GlassSold Out$ 8.00

Roadside clovers.

Latest Updates


2022 was another great year for us. We are now unfortunately sold out of honey. 2023 flows should start around July 1. See you then.