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  • Bees and the food that feeds them.

Green Apple Apiary Raw Honey

Green Apple Apiary Raw Honey

Located on isolated property in the Bavarian Alps, this apiary is surrounded by about 200 acres of CRP with mixed native and naturalized prairie flowers, alfalfa, and cover crops that provide a light amber mid-summer honey similar to clover, but darker in color and a more complex flavor profile. This honey pairs well with cheese and meets like summer sausage and prosciutto. 

Honey collected in late August and early September is more prairie flower and has the distinctive taste and aroma of golden rod and asters. High in glucose and minerals, this honey is prone to crystalize. Plentiful rains in July and August ensure a bountiful harvest for humans and the bees.

Green Apple Apiary Honey Prices:

32 oz GlassSold Out$23.00
16 oz GlassSold Out$ 12.00

16 oz Chunk Honey 

(contains honey comb)

Sold Out$15.00
8 oz GlassSold Out$8.000
  • Expect 2023 honey to flow late July or early August!

Controlled burn to enhance native prairie and perennial flowers.

Latest Updates


2022 was another great year for us. We are now unfortunately sold out of honey. 2023 flows should start around July 1. See you then.