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Bluebird Apiary Spring Honey

Bluebird Apiary Spring Honey

Hints of caramel, maple, and butterscotch.  Floral spring bouquet on the nose and rich, almost chewy mouth feel.  Darker color is indicative of a higher mineral content.   This apiary is located near Morse Bluff NE about a mile from the Platte River.  The honey was harvested June 11 and is a combination of Black Locust, Wild Mustard, Crimson/Alsikes/Dutch Clovers along with a mix of spring wild flowers.  Moisture content is between 15.9% and 16.1 to concentrate the flavors.

Thank you all that purchased this wonderful vintage of honey.  

Bluebird Spring Delight Pricing

SizePrice 2022 season Sold Out
8 oz$6.00
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16 oz$10.00
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Lusciously thick almost chewy mouth feel.

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Thank you for a fabulous 2022 Asparagus season! The field is now at rest untill 2023.